Meet the Management Team


Dave Tracy - CTO

  Dave is Co-Founder and CTO of TraTech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC (TSOF). With over 25 years working in the field of high-power fiber optics, Dave has broad experience in design, manufacture, and problem solving with specialty optical fiber assemblies. TSOF acquired the assets of Dave's company TFI in 2018 which has formed the foundation of TSOF today. Dave remained after the sale becoming TSOF's CTO. Dave's entire career has been related to laser transmission through fiber optics, and he is responsible for the design of several fiber terminations now in common use in the industry. As CTO Dave is responsible for all laser applications but he is also active in new product design including robust water cooling and other active heat management systems, as well as all our fused or laser welded products and all the PCF devices.


Shannon Fields - COO

  Shannon is a Co-Founder and COO of TraTech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC (TSOF) and has over 35 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, including time with Apple Computers and the Department of Defense.

More recently, Shannon was Operations Manager of Richard Losch Inc. specializing in the design and manufacturing of specialty fiber cables for high power laser applications and High Power Product Manager for Leoni Fiber Optics, Inc. . Shannon now devotes his significant experience to operation of the Bend Oregon facility fabricating a entire line of fiber optic devices delivering laser energy for marking, engraving, and welding as well as a diverse set of products for medical  and sensing applications.


Matt Webb - CEO


Matt is a Co-Founder of TraTech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC .  A serial entrepreneur, manager, technologist, engineer, sales person and businessman with a passionate devotion to customers, quality, and continuous organizational improvement. Over the course of more than 3 decades of entrepreneurship and experience on both the buy and the sell side of small high technology transactions, all in the specialty fiber optic solutions space, Matt has developed a proven track record of success working on the national and international level.