About Us

A Best In Class Concept

X Specialty Optical Fibers is  about the broad application of fiber optics to Medical, Defense,  Laser, Metrology, Illumination and Basic Research applications. Creating a one-stop-shop in a highly segmented industry starting with kernal companies that were either acquired, merged or started from scratch, we are a team of scientists, technologists, engineers, and business professionals  offering unique solutions and world class real world products. Its all about time: Your Time, Response Time, Delivery On Time.

SOF - TSOF - RSOF - ?You?

A few of the cogs are already in place: SOF providing the  market perspective, driving vision and the administrative and financing components to allow the specialists to specialize; TSOF, the Laser component bringing highly specialized tools and capability to the transmission of optical energy through fiber optics; for marking, engraving, welding, medical and defense; and RSOF, the engineering, prototyping and production of specialty fiber assemblies for optical metrology and sensing applications. Decades of real world experience with diverse capabilities, cross pollenating each other and our customers to create an ecosystem of solutions and answers to your problems.


In the end its about building long term relationships and trust. Isn't everything? And that is done with great people. If you can depend on the people you are working with and if those people have a culture of honesty, proven performance and a dedication to you, our customers, there is only one question left: Why aren't we working together?