Customized Standard Cables

Employing many standard connector formats including Cu SMA, Cu TD-80, G2.5 and others, TSOF can customize your cable the way your application requires. Yes, we can deliver standard cable constructions, but our specialty is delivering what you need based upon power, wavelength, anti-reflective coatings, cladding mode stripping, heat dissipation, length, chemical environment, temperature. We make your cable. 


PCF Assemblies & End Capping

TSOF is one of the few companies today with real experience packaging Photonic Crystal Fibers or "Holey" Fibers (PCF). We've already been doing it for years. We have the tools to provide Fused End or End Capped PCF, or just End Capped standard fibers including SM, LMA or Step Index and then we can package any of these specialty preparations into meaningful real work assemblies or cables in a variety of end fittings. or as pigtails.


Water Cooled-Cladding Mode Strippers - Build To Order

A strength is in the development of custom connector or terminating devices to accomplish specific goals. From basic research needs to volume production of a proprietary interface or finish, TSOF works to be a development partner providing "custom as standard" including but not limited to: water cooled connectors, cladding mode strippers, large format inputs/outputs, AR coating, angle polishing, glass capillary ends,.